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Meet the 187

Sean Cagle's Twin Turbo C5 Fixed Roof Coupe

The story of this car goes the same path of obsession with " just a little faster" Starting as a weekend fun car continued to evolve into what you see today. Somewhere along the build the phrase was said "turbo noises are cool" and probably the main reason why its twin turbo. The GM LSA paired with Borg Warner EFR turbos produces 870 wheel hp. Turbosmart keeps them in check, and with an instant .3 of a second from coast to full boost, precision is essential. Makes for a wild ride.


This cars main goal, one flying lap. Its soul drive is to compete at Global Time Attack to take the unlimited RWD crown. Every detail of the car has been looked over to ensure the highest level of performance and easiest drive-ability possible. Giving the driver confidence is essential for driving a car of this caliber at high speed. 

Pilots controls are easily laid out through the stripped cabin. Racetech has been a trusted partner for years keeping the driver comfortable and safe when on the track. Safecraft taking care of fire suppression with a pull in reach and nozzles scattered about the car.


Aero on a time attack car is so very important. AJ hartman providing splitters, complete flat underbody made in house gives the car an unreal level of grip. Closing off and directing air through heat exchangers, intercoolers, and radiators only has ensured no air is wasted and slowing the car down.

With great speed comes great responsibility. 

Also needs great brakes. AP racing paired with Ferodo pads are in charge of slowing this monster down. 

Top class racecars need the highest teir of reliablity. One aspect of the car that can easily be looked over is the wiring. With heat, vibration, various chemicals, the harness in the car goes through a lot and cant be compromised. We build military spec race harnesses to ensure information is coming and going with rock solid reliability

Devils in the details is an understatement. You can get a glimpse of the complexity of this engine bay. Everything is monitored, exhaust gas temps, turbo speed, pcv pressure, and so on. The heat from such a powerful engine is intense. Heat management is crucial to continued success and consistency. The knowledge of heat shielding and placement keeps temperatures in check. Just another part of keeping this car ready for the next flying lap.


Its not bad looking either dont you think?

I think sean is pretty pleased with its level of performance.

Proud to be on the top of the podium in 2021.

Onto the track record!

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